Need an abortion in Grand Junction? Here is information.

If you are pregnant and looking for an abortion in Mesa County, you may discover that information about abortion services is hard to find here. Local obstetrical practices don’t mention abortion on their websites and may not even offer abortion services. The “Pregnancy Center” is one of many fake health clinics that lure women by promising free services, like pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and “counseling,” but their real purpose is to shame and guilt women out of getting abortions. The closest provider of safe medical abortions is 90 miles away in Glenwood Springs.

But don’t despair.

Thanks to the internet, there are now options for women to access abortion services no matter where they are.

Planned Parenthood is now offering telehealth abortion services in Colorado. Their website, “” explains what it is:

“A TelAbortion involves all the same steps and procedures as an in-person medical abortion, but you do not have to travel to an abortion clinic. Instead, an abortion provider conducts a video evaluation over the internet. All the necessary tests are done at medical facilities close to your home. The abortion pills are then sent to you by mail.”

To qualify for a telabortion, you need access to a puter with a camera and microphone, and you must be able to take the first abortion pill no more than 10 weeks, or 70 days, into your pregnancy. Here is a link to the requirements for TelAbortion.

TelAbortion is safe, effective, private and convenient. It is done in your own home and is a great option if it is hard for you to take time off work or travel long distances to a clinic. For more information, go to

And there’s also another option:

A group called also makes telehealth abortion services available to women all over the world. ? is headed by a woman physician in Austria, Rebecca Gomperts, MD, MPP, PhD. AidAccess considers abortion a human right and its mission is making abortion services available to women internationally who have obstacles to accessing safe abortion services. Like Planned Parenthood, does a medical consultation over the internet. They then send a prescription for the abortion pills to your local pharmacy have a help desk and doctor available to answer any questions you may have before, during and after the abortion process. Their website asks a donation of about U.S. $90 for their services, but says they won’t turn people away for inability to pay.


missioner candidate Rowland continues to undermine public health efforts to contain Coronavirus

Janet Rowland, a repeat candidate for Mesa County missioner in District 3 (the east side of the valley), continues to misunderstand how epidemiology works, and as a result is continuing to buck public health authorities’ desperate efforts to reduce the spread of the deadly Coronavirus in Mesa County.

Rowland has been agitating against the ongoing physical distancing measures and temporary shutdown of non-essential businesses that is the only tool available to check the spread of the new and highly municable virus.

Today Rowland changed the profile picture on one of her Facebook pages to the following:

County missioner Candidate Janet Rowland endangers public health with misleading posts on social media

Rowland posted this article from a media outlet based in Luxembourg to support her view that there is no significant risk of catching Coronavirus from grocery shopping. The findings of the German doctor cited in this article have not been published in any peer-reviewed journal. Meanwhile, least 30 grocery workers in the U.S. have died from Coronavirus so far. 3,000 more are out sick with coronavirus symptoms.

Mesa County missioner candidate Janet Rowland (R) has been posting misleading information about Coronavirus on her campaign Facebook page,? contradicting the messaging of public health authorities telling people what they need to do to stay safe and minimize spread of the deadly virus.

School’s social media post violates separation of church and state, was removed hours later

Graham Mesa Elementary School’s religious Facebook post that prompted plaint

The principal of a public western slope elementary school posted a message on the school’s Facebook page April 11 that overtly endorsed Christianity in violation of the separation of church and state.

Brian Sprenger, the Principle of Graham Mesa Elementary School in Rifle, posted an Easter greeting on the school’s Facebook page yesterday evening with a photo of four children posing jubilantly in the driveway of a home with huge, chalk images of multiple large Christian crosses and the equally huge message “He is Risen.”

Western slopers who fail to grasp danger of Coronavirus are threatening public health

Post on the Grand Junction munity Message Board on Facebook yesterday by Anita Heffalump, who has since changed her name on Facebook to “Anita Hippogriff”


Local resident Anita Heffalump alarmed members of the munity yesterday by posting an event on the Grand Junction munity Message Board Facebook page that urged people to physically gather to protest public health authorities’ stay-at-home order aimed at protecting people from the pandemic spread of COVID-19, the deadly disease caused by Coronavirus.

Coronavirus currently has no no treatment, no cure, no immunization available to prevent it, and is killing people throughout the globe at an alarming rate. The only tool available to reduce transmission of the new virus and save lives during the pandemic is to distance ourselves from each other by staying home as much as possible.

Kathryn Bedell, DVM enters County missioner race for District 1

Kathryn Bedell, DVM, of Fruita, running against Ray Scott for County missioner, District 1

Don’t want Cody Davis or Ray Scott as Mesa County missioner?

Well now you finally have a better option.

Mesa County voters finally have a real candidate running for District 1 County missioner.

Kathryn Bedell, DVM, announced on March 26 that she is running for the District 1 Mesa County missioner seat.

Educated, intelligent, well-informed, fiercely pro-agriculture and pro local-economy, Dr. Bedell is the best candidate so far for County missioner District 1.

In our most desperate time of need, America has a pletely self-obsessed idiot for a president. Thanks, Republicans.

Above this post is a tweet that the President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, actually posted this morning at 9:34 a.m. east coast time.

President Trump posted this tweet as thousands of Americans across the country are dying from a deadly Coronavirus pandemic with no end in sight. He posted this amid anguished cries from the governors of all 50 states and territories that their hospitals are lacking enough basic necessities, like beds, ventilators, medication and personal protective equipment, to treat the onslaught of Coronavirus victims arriving at their doors. Trump posted this shortly after a makeshift intensive care ward was constructed in New York’s Central Park to acmodate the huge number of sick people pouring into hospitals. Trump posted this as the pandemic has almost pletely disabled not just America’s economy, but the world economy.

Trump posted this on a morning when America’s national news headlines read:

Pentagon asked to provide 85 refrigerated trucks, 100K body bags for coronavirus response, ABC News

Temporary Burials Possible for COVID-19 Victims, But NYC Park Trenches Plan Denied, NBC 4 New York

At war with no ammo: Doctors say shortage of protective gear is dire,” New York Times

U.S. death toll surpasses 10,000, CBS News

10,000 dead of Coronavirus in USA, more fatalities than six wars bined, USA Today

Report: The Trump administration didn’t order ventilators or masks until mid-March, Vox

How to sew your own fabric mask, Washington Post

US deaths top 10,000, mortgage industry on brink of ‘plete chaos,’ CNBC

Disturbing photos show body bags lining the hallways of a Brooklyn hospital before being wheeled out to refrigerated trucks as NYC’s coronavirus death toll surges past 2,400, Daily Mail

Not one single Republican has stepped up to condemn the president’s behavior amid this pandemic.

We thought it was bad when Republicans failed to remove this dangerous man, Mr. Trump, from the presidency in the impeachment trial earlier this year, but little did they know how much death and destruction his ignorance, narcissism and ineptitude would actually cause the people of this country.

Let this moment will go down in history as the Republican Party’s biggest shame.

And let’s hope no Republican ever holds office again. Ever.




El Paso County GOP pushes out their leader after she publicly suggests Coronavirus pandemic is a hoax

El Paso County Republican Party chairwoman’s wacky, insensitive Facebook post that led to her quick removal.

There may be hope for Colorado’s Republican Party, at least in El Paso County.

El Paso County elected Republicans took immediate steps to remove their party’s chairwoman after she published an insensitive Facebook post that suggested the Coronavirus pandemic is a hoax.

Trump campaign threatens KREX in attempt to chill free speech

KREX received a cease-and-desist letter (pdf) from President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign threatening the station over a political ad it ran called “Exponential Threat” produced by Priorities USA, a Democratic super PAC.

The ad juxtaposes a montage of the many dismissive ments Trump made about the Coronavirus pandemic earlier this year with an animated chart showing the rising number of infections in the United States. It ends by saying: “America needs a leader we can trust.”

The Trump campaign sent the threatening letter to television stations across the country, suggesting it would sue the stations for defamation and urge the Federal munications mission to revoke their FCC licenses.

As many as a third of responders to Daily Sentinel survey fail to grasp the seriousness of the Covid-19 pandemic

Daily Sentinel poll

The Daily Sentinel published results of a non-scientific?online poll today asking readers for their opinions of the ongoing stay-at-home order due to the Coronavirus pandemic. About 72 percent of people said they agree with the order and are obeying it. Twenty one percent say they’re following the stay-at-home order even though they think it’s “over the top,” and 7 percent say they are not following the order at all because they think it’s “too extreme” or “unnecessary.”

This means about a third of people in our area aren’t really grasping the seriousness of this pandemic.

That’s scary.